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This isn’t a new revelation, either: for thousands of years, the place to be has been at the top, and while the titles have changed, the awesome power and responsibility of these positions has remained the same.

Back in ancient Egypt, this exalted position went to the pharaohs, god-kings who were the most powerful men on the planet for millennia in the ancient past.

There was a lot to envy about those rulers of days gone by, and you might experience just a bit of what it was like to be them if you’re a big winner on Pharaoh by Inspired Gaming, a new online slot machine that is exclusive to William Hill.

This game comes with a number of Egyptian-themed features that are designed to give you some big rewards, the kind of treasures that archeologists could only dream of uncovering.

And if you’re willing to pay for the opportunity, you can even make these bonus rounds come up more often.

The Pharaoh video slot is one of the latest releases by Inspired Gaming, and as we noted, this game is only available through William Hill’s online casino.

The game uses an Egyptian theme, though it isn’t quite as conceptual as many games that are placed in this setting: other than some subtle pyramids placed in the background and some light artwork, this game could be mistaken for a pretty generic slot.

But the reels and detailing make it clear on a second look that this is definitely a game set in Egypt, albeit one with a pretty cartoonish style.

This machine is offered in a mobile-optimized format that allows for play on Android or i Phone devices, as well as many other smartphones and tablets, with no download needed.

The game offers a variety of bet settings that allow for some very low limit play, while still leaving open the option for higher stakes gamblers to enjoy the action.

One thing we didn’t see is a play for free option; if you’re going to try this game, you’ll be doing so in a real money online slots environment.

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