казино xbet

Sportsbook has a quite a bold slogan, which is "The last book you will ever join." This is quite a statement to make, considering the number of top online sportsbooks operating on the web.

One thing is for sure, this is not your dad's sportsbook, and something tells me that the 'X' in 'XBet.ag' stands for 'extreme betting.' My very first visit to the XBet website seemed to bear this suspicion out.

The overall look of the site is not only visually exciting, but also pretty impressive as an all-round sportsbook and online casino.

The bookie is certainly trying to separate itself from the herd and stand out as a sort of modern-day maverick online betting destination.

Aside from the rather bold and sporty colors of the website, there are a few notable indicators of their intentions within its niche.

For one, the advertisement for their live dealer casino shows that isn't staffed with the usual bevy of beauties in evening gowns.

Dealers are all rock n' roll with tattoos, leather, and attitude.

So it seems, on the surface at least, that this bookie is cut from a different sort of cloth and aimed at punters looking for something new and different.

I've reviewed loads of different online sportsbooks and online casinos in my time, so I was are really hoping that this would be the case.

However, what would I find when I dug a little deeper? Is their casino a case of style over substance, or is it a good bet for serious gamblers too?

Is XBet really what they say, or is it all hype to draw in new players? Stick with me and I will most certainly be stripping all the paint off the bookie to see what lies beneath!

By the end of my extreme review, you will either be raring to sign up with them to get a few bets on the go, or you will be moving on to the next brand on our list of top sportsbooks and online casinos for 2019! They offer a striking and refreshingly modern and sporty website, dedicated to the true blue sports bettors (particularly those that love to place bets on NFL, basketball, baseball and soccer action).