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UK citizens are lucky to have access to a number of top land-based casinos however, choosing the right one to frequent can be tough.

That is why we have put together a list of the top ten offline casinos in the UK, so you can easily pick the casino that suits you perfectly.

Whether you hail from London, Edinburgh or anywhere in-between, this evolving list of casinos has something to offer.

Featuring only the biggest and best offline casinos in the UK, this list is updated regularly to ensure only the best casinos remain.

Thanks to the 2012 Olympics, Stratford has seen something of a revival in recent years.

Central to this has been the massive shopping and entertainment complex, called Westfield.

It's the largest shopping mall in Europe, however if you're not a fan of shopping, you can always head to the fantastic casino instead.

It has all the games you'd expect to find at a casino, however they have a particular reputation for poker, and there are many huge tournaments played there every month.

It also has a monthly slot tournament as well, which is perfect for avid players of slots.

Once you're finished gambling – or when you simply want to take a break – you'll be able to find plenty of other things to do.

There's a huge cinema nearby, plus the casino has a number of bars and restaurants.

The fact that it's located within a huge shopping centre also means that there are many other eateries within walking distance.