рика казино онлайн

Costa Rica is known for its liberal policies and it has attracted a huge number of gambling companies.

What is special about this region is that there is no regulation that deals with this issue.

In other words you do not need a license to operate an online casino within Costa Rica.

There are regulations that restrict any land casinos in Costa Rica, but for an online casino all you need is to register your business in the local Municipality and you can proceed with your business without any governmental interruptions.

As we already said you are not required to be a holder of a license in classical terms.

The entity that wants to operate an online casino in Costa Rica must have an open office located in Costa Rica.

What the willing entity needs in common words will be the Data Processing License.

It contains all relevant information regarding the company, the owner, the employees etc.

The online casinos are taxed on the basis of the number of employees they have with the minimum being 10 employees.

The more employees there are in the company, the bigger the tax that has to be paid to the Costa Rican government.

The license costs are one of the lowest in the whole world.

Starting from as little as $15,000 and $1500 for a three month extension of the license, it offers great flexibility for a small price to pay.